November 28, 2022



1:0      BACKGROUND:

            The Delta State Orientation Bureau was excised from the Ministry of Information on the advent of the administration of Sen. (Dr.) Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa on the 15th of April, 2016 as the Directorate of Orientation. The reason for the creation was to consolidate efforts and resources of government in the field of public enlightenment, social mobilization and value re-orientation.

On its excision, the very pragmatic and cerebral Eugene Azuka Uzum Esq. who have been the Senior Special Assistant (Orientation & Social Development) wasappointed as the Executive Assistant (Orientation). On the 8th of August, 2019when it was upgraded to a Bureau, he became its Director-General.

It is therefore clear from the above, that the State Orientation Bureau is deliberately structured to carry out the responsibilities of mounting grassroot sensitization, enthronement of the ideals of discipline, work ethics, productivity, loyalty, commitment, dedication and accountability to  the state.

The socio-economic and political conditions that informed the establishment of the Bureau are as pertinent today as they were as at that time. The state government needed to communicate and interface with the grassroot, entrench the right values, advocate against multifaceted vices, gather feedback on the pulse of the electorate, promote the right values, effectively market the right values and more. This underscores why the present administration’s development strategy is anchored on the SMART Agenda. Therefore, the Bureau is the powerhouse strategically designed for attitudinal Change in the state.

2:0      VISION:

            To be the powerhouse that drives attitudinal change, with active citizen participation.

3:0      MISSION:

            To mobilize, enlighten and re-orientate citizens to participate in governance and development with positive values.

4:0      VALUES:

            In carrying out our assigned responsibilities, we shall be guided by these principles. As captured below:

  • Democracy – requires us to promote citizen participation
  • Religious Tolerance – requires us to respect and accommodate all religious persuasions.
  • Integrity – requires us to match our words with action in honesty and truthfulness.
  • Patriotism – requires us to display love for the state and its symbol.
  • Peaceful co-existence – requires us to work with all persons from all classes, sex and ethnic background.


  • Communicating government policies, programmes and activities to the people;
  • Mobilizing favourable public opinion and support for government policies, programmes and activities;
  • Serving as a feedback mechanism to government on people’s reaction to its policies, programmes and activities;
  • Promoting a vibrant democratic culture and citizen’s responsibility through political and civic education; and
  • Promoting partnership with development Agencies, MDAs, Civil Society Organizations, Faith Based Organizations and other strategic stakeholders towards achieving set goals.


            Since its establishment, the Bureau has engaged in numerous programmes and activities geared towards achieving its mandate.

Details are as listed below;

  • A day with a role model;
  • Workshop for Public Relations Officers of MDAs in the State;
  • Sensitization on Lassa Fever;
  • Sensitization on Covid-19 in conjunction with the State Primary Healthcare Development Agency;
  • Covid – 19 Church to Church sensitization;
  • Sensitization on Drug Abuse, Rape & Cultism across Public schools in the State;
  • Sensitization on Vandalism;
  • Sensitization Campaign on Flooding for year 2019;
  • Sensitization campaign on Drug Abuse, Cultism and Internet Fraud across Public Schools in the State;
  • Sensitization on completed and some ongoing projects (Promise Made, Promise Kept.);
  • Road walk to sensitize the public on the free election, during the last Local Government Election 2021;
  • Effective Harnessing of Internet Potentials for a Stronger Delta. 28th November, 2019.


The Bureau as presently constituted, is saddled with the onerous responsibilities of communicating the policies of government, staying abreast of public opinion on issues about governance, carrying out it enlightenment on social, cultural, economic and political practices, promoting patriotism, unity and development of Delta State.

The Bureau will be focused on sensitizing the public on the following ten (10) critical issues:

  1. Government Policies and programmes;
  2. Dangers of Human Trafficking;
  3. Branding – Delta First
  4. Dangers of substance (Drug) Abuse;
  5. Dignity In Labour – No to Yahoo and Ritualism;
  6. Dangers of Cultism in schools and Examination Malpractices;
  7. Benefits in the Protection of Government Properties;
  8. Flooding;
  9. Cleaner Delta Initiatives and Waste Disposal;
  10. Dangers of Prostitution and other related social vices;
  11. Voter registration campaign;
  12. Illegal migration; and
  13. Campaign against internet fraud and more.

The Bureau shall adopt various strategies towards the achievement of the above set objectives. The Strategies will include among others, campaign/sensitization through electronic and print media, publication and distribution of leaflets, flyers, stickers, posters, handbills, advertisement on billboards, jingles on television and radio, road shows, visits to market, schools and public places.

Where necessary, the Bureau shall interface with MDAs, private organizations, as well as other identified stakeholders in order to achieve the set objectives.